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Primary School

Brief Explanation about the Pupil Premium

During April 2017 and April 2018 the school will receive £91,080 in Pupil Premium Funding to raise attainment and provide enrichment for pupils in receipt of or entitled to Free School Meals (FSM). The funding has been provided to the school to ensure that these pupils receive the support they need to achieve and progress well and to benefit from the same educational and life opportunities as other pupils.


Allocation Details: £91, 080

Number of children funded: 69 at £1320 per pupil

Project Cost Objective Projected Impact Outcomes
Part-time EAL TA to support and assess newly arrived pupils. £5067 Supported acquisition of basic verbal and written Literacy   skills for non-English speakers new to the country. Children are able to communicate and converse in English enabling them to fully partake in school life.

‘Pupils who speak English as an additional language make strong progress as a result of support that develops their language skills'.

OFSTED Dec 2016


Learning Mentor FTE + support £30,915

Focus on improving attendance and punctuality attendance as part of overcoming barriers to learning.

Nurture provision to build confidence and develop social skills.

Attendance maintains or improves at above 96% and children are in school on time to access the full day’s learning.

Children have more confidence and overcome barriers to learning.

‘Attendance is good for all pupils and has improved for disadvantageed pupils' Most pupils now attend regularly'.

OFSTED Dec 2016

Children state that they feel more confident in their learning and safe in school.

Speech and Language therapist 0.75 day per week £8131 More children starting in Nursery & Reception in need of Speech and Language intervention Children with S & L concerns assessed quickly and appropriate provision in place. Early referrals enable identification of needs and early imtervention.
Educational Psychologist additional hours £3500 More children assessed to identify barriers to learning. Children have early identification of needs in order that appropriate provision is made for the to make good progress. Additional referrals this academic year enabling early identification of pertinent interventions.barriers to learning and
Subsidised Breakfast Club £6856

To provide a healthy nutritious breakfast.

To improve attendance and punctuality.

Children ready to learn as soon as school starts after a healthy meal.  
Subsidised residential educational visit to Plas Dol-y-Moch £7,400 Enable underprivileged children to have a residential experience, to gain awareness of a contrasting environment and to learn outside of the classroom. Children broaden their life experiences enabling to bring those experiences to the classroom. Build independence, experience unfamiliar contrasting environment, team building, collaborative skills improved.
Brass, ukelele, recorder  and singing lessons provided by Performing Arts Service £6000 All children to have the opportunity to play a musical instrument/ learn to sing at no cost to parents. Children to have a basic knowledge of music through a specialist teacher. All children have the opportunity for learning a musical instrument and for singing lessons led by a professional.
‘WOW’ moments £4000 Additional funding put aside for trips/visits/visitors to support the new themed curriculum. To provide children with experiences to support learning which they may not have encountered eg trip to the Natural History Museum. Concrete experiences to enable creative writing opportunities. Vocabulary and description enhanced.
Joint lease of minibuses £3249 Available transport to enable more frequent trips and visits. Children are able to experience more learning outside of the classroom in order to support learning and to broaden life experiences. Concrete experiences to enable creative writing opportunities. Vocabulary and description enhanced.
Additional TA to supporth child with complex needs.  £8009 Child who requires one to one support has dedictated TA for the morning session. Child has tailored support on a specialised provision enabling progress and some integration.  Child has made significant progress in his communication and socilisation. Also has had intensive transition support to prepare for Year 1.
Part-time resources TA £9072 Part-time TA to prepare resoucres for class/SEND pupils to enable the dediacted year group staff to work with the children. Two full time equivalent adults to support children and run intervention/target groups. All children to have access to adult support to make maximum progress.
Total PPG Received £91,080      
Total PPG expenditure £92,199      
Balance -£1119      
Year Total Allocation No of children Percentage of role
2014-15 £110,500 85 41%
2015-16 £97,680 75 36%
2016-17 £95,040 73 35%
2017-18 £91,080 69 33%

‘Disadvantaged pupils achieve well because of effective use of pupil premium funding’ - OFSTED Dec 2016