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Welcome to Year 2's class web page. Here you will be able to find the latest information about what Year 2 are currently learning.

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0ee7e673d84778d7a7d9We have signed up to Mathletics, a program your child can access at home to practise their maths skills. They can be set home work, practise topics we have been doing in class as well as play maths games to improve their speed and accuracy in answering maths questions. Have fun and if you have any questions we will be running a parents session very soon.

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Our new topic is 'Towers, Tunnels and Turrets'.

We will be learning about castles and why they were built. We will visit Kenilworth castle and discover what it was like to live there. In science we will investigate walls and what best to attack with. 

We will read about Rapunzel and her tower. But where is the tallest tower in the world and why do we build up high? We will sort towers by their height and try to build the tallest tower in the class using different materials. 

We will learn about animals that dig tunnels and investigate tunnels built by humans. Why do animals and humans use tunnels - is it for the same reasons? We will read Anthony Browne's story 'The Tunnel'. What is on the other side?


Finally who can we hear trip trapping over the bridge? Those Billy Goats are most upset with the troll and decide to write a letter to complain. How can we help them? How do you write a letter?   


Have a go at three of our homework activities linked to this topic. See the sheet in your homework book.

Reading Books

All children have a reading book and most children also have a library book. These are changed every week. Reading books will be changed when we hear a child read and if we feel they are ready for a new book. Year 2's library session is on a Monday. Children need to bring their library book in every week to get it changed.

It is important to hear your child read at home and to share books and talk about what they have read. Ask questions as you are reading.

For example - What do you think happens next? Who is your favourite character and why? Did you like this story? What was your favourite bit?

Link to Homework Booklet

Homework books are given out every Wednesday with new work to complete.  This should be returned the following Monday.

Year 2 children need to be reading their reading book everyday and practising the spellings ready for their test on a Monday. 

They also need to practise their 2, 5 and 10 times tables and their number bonds to 10, 20 and 100.

Have a go at some of the topic based homeworks. Find the ideas in your homework book.

Children will have a piece of maths or literacy homework to complete once a week.

Teaching staff: Miss Stoyles, Mrs Evans, Mrs McGarry, Mrs Grant, Mrs Delaney.

 Reminders - Spelling test on Mondays, PE on Thursdays and Fridays.

Click here to get to the Mathletics site. 0ee7e673d84778d7a7d9



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