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Primary School

Welcome to Year Four's class web page.

Here you will learn all about the exciting learning that is taking place in Year 4!

Welcome to Year 4!

We hope you had a relaxing, amazing holiday and are ready for the new year!

The brilliant topic that pupils will be exploring this half term is 'Blue Abyss.' Pupils will be delving deep into the wondrous ocean where they will encounter stunning sea creatures. 

Pupils will learn all about the various aquatic creatures that inhabit the seas and oceans and will classify the different groups including cnidarians, arthropods and reptiles. They will develop their geographical understanding of the seas and oceans and locate them using maps and globes.

In English, pupils will start of studying poetry and will hear, read and write amazing verses full of poetic devices to engage and interest their readers. Furthermore, they will explore persuasive writing, where they will learn all about the devastating effects of humans and their actions, on the oceans and seas. Pupils will explore topics issues such as pollution and hunting. Later on, Year 4 will study a narrative unit linked to the classic book Treasure Island!


Maths homework will be given out every Friday on Mathletics with new work to complete, and should be completed by the following Friday.

In addition to weekly maths homework, it is an expectation that all children practise their times tables and learn their new spelling rule(s).

By the end of year 4, all children should be able to quickly recall times table facts up to 12 x 12.

Children will be taught new spelling rules every Friday. These will be taught in class and then words will be sent home. Pupils must write a sentence with each word they have been given. Please encourage your child to learn as many words as possible that follow the spelling rule so that they can apply this rule to a wide range of words. On the following Friday, children will take part in a short spelling test which will check their understanding of the rule.

Home reading books/diaries

To support children's reading and writing in school, your child is expected to read their home reading book each night. They must bring their reading book, along with their diary, which should be signed and dated by a parent/guardian who has heard their child read, in to school each morning.

PE Kits and swimming

Children must bring their PE kit every Friday.

Children must bring their swimming kit every Monday.

Thank you for your support.

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